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Return to school, back to the practice

Summer is nearly over, the last week of August is at hand. The last week before the return to schools here in Belgium, the week of preparing the return to the normal daily schedules, week of the preparations for new school … Continue reading

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Weekend of Yoga with Sandra Sabatini and Michal Havkin, 21-23 November 2014

“This opening of petals is the movement that we meet in the palm of the hand, on the sole of the feet, at the top of the head and in other centres of our body when the breath and the … Continue reading

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My favourite legume chickpea, garbanzo

One of my favourite legumes is definitely chickpea, or garbanzo, or pois chiche, or kikherne. It is one of the oldest cultivated food plants, remains dating 7500 years have been found at least in the Middle East. They are staple … Continue reading

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