Return to school, back to the practice

DSC01174Summer is nearly over, the last week of August is at hand. The last week before the return to schools here in Belgium, the week of preparing the return to the normal daily schedules, week of the preparations for new school year and working year. And time to think also getting back to the yoga practices and regular classes after the holidays.

I admit that my regular yoga practice during the summer months is not so regular than during the school year. My life in whole is very much inspired and coloured by my kids, that is why. During the summer holiday months we go to bed later, wake up later, have meals later, do everything a bit later than other times. So, my daily sadhana (daily ritual including asana practice and meditation) squeezes to less time and my meditation squeezes even more. But I accept that for a short period of time. And now I am looking forward to having my sadhana at 5.45hrs, before my family wakes up.

I am also looking forward into my regular classes, that will begin also the first week of September, except for the Saturdays, that restart already on 30 August.

Schedule as of 01 September 2014:

9:30-11:00 @Bel-Air (Avenue Bel-Air 81, 1180 Uccle)
13:05-14:05 @Cercle de Yoga EU Council (staff only)
20:00-21:30 @Bel-Air (Avenue Bel-Air 81, 1180 Uccle)
10:00-12:00 @Bel-Air (Avenue Bel-Air 81, 1180 Uccle)


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