Change of seasons is time for detox

DSC05818Fall is a time of transition and optimal time for detox. A detox will reset the body and mind to better cope with the windy and cold winter.

I did my first detox (only) 4 years ago, and was amazed about the results. Until then, I had been slightly suspicious about detox, I thought they were mere fasting and bad-tasting liquids, and not needed for healthy persons. Until then, I also had had little flues starting from September-October-November, and culminating around the end of the year with a major collapse, including infections in ears, sinuses. I thought that was normal. But after my first detox, I went through the whole winter healthily, not getting sick at all. I was convinced about the necessity of cleansing, and ever since, I do a detox 2-3 times a year. I call them Fall Detox, Spring Cleanse and sometimes Summer Cleaning too.

So what is the detox about? It is about cleansing the intestines from the bad bacteria and waste, and supporting and nourishing the good bacteria that is supposed to reside there. Cleansing supports also the internal organs (such as liver, spleen, pancreas) to get rid of any overload they may be facing. During detox, the intestines are being cleansed and nourished. Cleansing of the body also cleanses the mind.

Why? Our intestine is the base for our health. It is the seat for physical and mental wellbeing, and base for the human immune system. According to the Dr John Douillard “80% of the body’s immunity lies in the digestive tract – as well as 95% of the mood support chemicals, including serotonin” (click here for the whole article). In another article, “there are 100 million neurons in the gut wall that connect 100 trillion of the guts’ microbes to the human brain. These bugs literally make the brain chemicals (they are actually manufactured in the gut, making brain chemicals somewhat of a misnomer) that determine how we think and feel on a daily basis.”

Generally then, when our intestine is healthy, we feel good and calm. Most of us do not even realise that the base of this wellbeing is in our intestines, so we do not pay attention to the whole thing. But, when the intestines get unwell, we start to get problems such as bloating, pains, colds, flues and other infections, maybe even more serious disorders, and the stress gets overwhelming (the communication between gut and brain gets more bad than good).

In Ayurveda, the ancient science of Life, a cleanse or detox is recommended 2-3 times a year, when the season changes. This way, the body gets rid of things related to the “past” season and prepares for the coming season. The intestine is cleansed, intestinal health restored and body and mind prepared for the coming season.

There are many ways to do a cleansing, Ayurvedic and other styles. Fasting with water is one, fasting with vegetable and/or fruit juices is another. Some detox use herbs and plants, some use salty water, some long cloths. For my taste, long fasting is to drastic and I do not want to starve or shock my body with salt nor foreign objects. So I have found these following two methods quite soft and adequate for me and my lifestyle. Maybe you like them too.

Ayurvedic Detox
An Ayurvedic detox typically consist of monodiet (kitchari), yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditation, massage (abhyanga), nasal cleansing (neti and nasya) to detox the body and mind. In home environment, this kind of protocol is followed usually for a period of 4-7 days. The longer the more complete, of course.

Here is the link to the protocol I have followed several times already, and strongly recommend:  Fall Detox by Yoga Journal

This year I found another way to detox. This method uses natural products to “rub the gut” from inside and to boost the health. More, this is well adapted to modern way of life, not taking so much time from daily activities. It is also a bit easier that the Ayurvedic way, not needing to cook in advance but one can follow the regular daily diet and habits. Well, avoiding stimulants (coffee, alcohol etc), meat and processed food, and adding more vegetables to the diet is always more beneficial and gives better results.

Detox with LifePlus products
The LifePlus detox cleanses the intestines from old waste and toxins, and nourishes the good bacteria in the gut. Healthy intestines hold about 2.5 kg “good” intestinal bacteria. This good bacteria dissolves and processes the food we eat so that the body can get the nutrients it needs. The good bacteria also protects us from contaminants and germs. Good bacteria need good nutrition, otherwise it does not work properly, that is when  the bad bacteria moves in.

WP_20140912_003[1]There are three products needed, Colon Cleanse, Paracleanse and MSM Plus (natural sulfur). Colon Cleanse is taken with a big glass of water 3 times a day, always at least 30 minutes before eating (breakfast, lunch, dinner). The other two products I take with another big glass of water 15 minutes before the eating. One thing to remember is to drink a lot of good plain water. I use my Nikken-water, pure and alkaline. During this cleanse, one should drink 3-4 litres of water daily, which makes about 10 glasses. The water keeps the stuff going down the intestines, scrubbing the intestinal wall, and reviving the villi.

I did this first time this spring, and my results were good. I felt light and energized, lost a couple of kilos (of stagnated stuff), and felt lean and bendy. I am about to start another now, actually tomorrow as my order just arrived. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me for more information using the form below. If you want to know more on the LifePlus products, click here to


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