Why is it important to move and stretch daily and the Saturday Workshop Series

Stretch to melt away your stiffness

A little bit of daily movement is important for our health and wellbeing, in addition to a healthy diet (read: as vegetarian as possible, containing lean meats if any). But instead of gentle stretching for the first thing in the morning, many of just us climb out off the bed, fill their tank quickly with coffee and a piece of bread/cracker/cookie and rush to the busy day ahead. Feeling stiff.

The stiffness would change into suppleness, if we just take a moment to stretch already in the morning.

Why is it so important to move and stretch daily, starting already in the morning? Why do cats, dogs, small children stretch and yawn after they wake up? To melt away fuzz.

Fuzz is a matter that grows between the sliding surfaces of muscles during times of immobility, such as every-night sleeping or after injury. Fuzz is not good, and should be removed daily, preferably as one of the first things in the morning. This is the reason the animals and human babies stretch after waking up. To melt the fuzz. But why do most of the adults have forgotten this simple thing? Good question… I am attaching a video “Fuzz Speech by Dr. Gil Hedley, for you to see for yourself.

In yoga and ayurveda the fuzz is analogous to ama, which is considered toxic, and therefore needs to be removed (by asana i.e fysical yoga practice and proper diet).

Saturday Workshop Series 1: Building a Home Practice

In the series of Saturday Afternoon Workshops, the first one on next Saturday 27 September will be consecrated on how to build up a home practice.

WP_20140922_001[1]A little bit of practice every day is better than 2 hours once a week. Even 10-15 minutes daily practice keeps us lean and bendy, nourishing our bodies and minds every day, assisting the circulations of fluids and energies, instead of perhaps overdoing once a week, with stiff results. Well of course, when you combine these two, you will see the results sooner. The yoga class is where we learn, and the home practice is what solidifies the learning and puts it into steady action.

During this 2,5 hours’ workshop, we go through some simple series both for morning (invigorating), and evening (unwinding), and practice together simple series and little instructions (to support your own inspiration).

We also discuss about the obstacles to a regular practice. These include very commonly laziness, tiredness, hunger, being busy, lack of ideas what to do, and so on. What is yours? Let’s figure out ways to overcome that.

Click here to more details

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