Winter blues, yoga and daily wellbeing

DSC05771Days are getting shorter, nights are getting darker and longer. Wind is blowing into the bones. If we are lucky, sun shines part of the day. Most times we are not that lucky. Many people, including myself, feel doing like bears do, withdraw to the hibernation, or as the migratory birds do, fly to the summer. But for most of us humans living busy working life in cities, hibernating or moving to warmer latitudes is not an option. So, we need to adjust our habits and set our minds to taking care of ourselves.

Going to bed by 22hrs, sleeping more, eating warmer and heartier meals such as spicy stews made out of the season’s vegetables, covering the body against the blows, rain and snow, snuggling in when ever possible, pampering the body and mind once and awhile, are some of the adjustments we can and should do. Taking care of our wellbeing certainly contributes to our health.

Yoga can help here too. Practising to warm up the body in the morning, taking moments to do some gentle yoga breaks during the day, and unwinding in the evening with restorative yoga are good help to protect the body and mind against the winter blues.

There are also other methods and techniques that we can include into our life. I have found very useful the techniques of self-massage and tapping. In fact, I make a mix of those two and include it to my daily yoga practice.

Saturday Workshop series 2: Yoga and Tips for Daily Wellbeing – Yoga for Winter Blues

On Saturday 13 December, join us to discover yoga for daily wellbeing and learn about self-massage and tapping. You will learn poses for morning practice, breaks in the office and restorative to unwind.


Yoga practice for the morning should be invigorating to wake up the body and the inner solarium. Throughout the day, especially if working on the computer, moments should be taken to stretch and invigorate. In the evening, making restorative yoga poses makes wonders to the body and mind.

Self-massage is, by definition, massage that you do yourself. Without oils, it can be done any time of the day, and with oils, preferably in the morning or just before going to bed.

Tapping is an emotional freedom technique, that can be used for a huge variety of purposes. During the workshop we use tapping to relax and ease the mind and simply feel better.

Do you have particular issues with the winter blues? Let’s figure out ways to overcome that in more serene way.

Bring your notebook and pen, wollen socks and a warm sweater to snuggle during the restorative session.

Click here for details.

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