Workshops on Winter Blues, Home Practice and Spring Detox

The parties of the last year are over, and by the mid-January the everyday life of the new year 2015 is well on its way. We may have shed the few extra kilos acquired during the feasts, or may still be carrying them, we may have kept our new years resolutions, or maybe made new ones. The fact is, the winter is still on, and so is winter blues. It affects the mood, it affects the sleep, it affects the eating and it affects the creativity. Even though the amount of daylight has already increased since the darkest moments of the year, we still have some time to travel to start notice the the longer days. Let’s not lose the hope.

I am therefore happy to present the workshop schedule for the coming months. In the end of January, there will be a workshop on Winter Blues Yoga, on January 31. In February’s workshop we address the importance of the Building the Home Practice, on February 28. In March, the theme of the workshop is Yoga and Spring detox, on March 21.

If you have any workshop wishes, let me know them in “leave a comment”.

See you on the mat 🙂

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