Happy Love 2016

Love2016This is the time of new beginnings and new possibilities. When you start the new year, make sure to leave something behind. Leave behind the old you do not need any more. Let go of disappointment, bad habits and toxic relationships. Embrace the new year with wisdom and peace, and freshness. And do include your health and wellbeing among your good resolutions. Your good health is the best asset you can ever have.

I wish you all love for the 2016. Love in the form of happiness, health and success. Love for your self and love for others.

Yesterday, I set my goals for the 2016. Health is my goal number one for this year, other goals include financial freedom, more yoga, more quality time with my family (without phones or other smart devices), and personal development. This will be a good year, I feel it. Yoga will be a good part of it, so is building my projects.

Katariina Yoga classes return to their normal schedule this week, except for the lunch time classes, that restart next week.

See you soon on the mat! 🙂


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