Through Yoga I can change….

KatariinaI was interviewed by the TV Brussel a little while ago. With Jin, we spoke about my life, why I came to Brussels, but especially about my life before and after yoga.

The yoga came into my life on a dark moment. In that period my life I had run into a dead end. I had had my second child, I had a deep baby-blues, and had returned to work, too soon to my taste, as I was still breastfeeding my little one. There I was, one day walking on the street, from office to home, and it suddendly came to me “is this my life, the rest of it gonna be the same and the end of it?” At that moment, I felt very lonely and saddened… But I said to myself that it cannot be so. There has to be more. And soon after that moment, I got into my first yoga class. The interview tells the rest.

The point is, with yoga we can change. To change we need the will to change, the commitment and the patience. And believe me, the things do not happen at once, but they do change. The point is, it is never too late to start.

Katariina on TV Brussel

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