Changes changes…

dsc01896The year 2016 is approaching the end, and it is time to reflect the past and think about the future. Turning the page to 2017 may feel like a brand new start. How will your year 2017 be? How would you like it to be? It will be what you make out of it.

Those good resolution will last if we commit to them. For sure, there will be sliding and steps back, who said it is easy? But real commitment means we do not give up after some falling back, but continue forward. Good things do not come easy, they take time and patience and are worth it. Imagine new year and new you and keep that image in your mind.

Adding yoga, health and wellbeing to those resolutions is always beneficial and helps balance the busy or hectic life. Maybe you are looking to make the rest of your life the best of your life, or just adding some yoga and self-time… Instead of buying things as presents, give vouchers for good time, experiences and health. Remember yourself when giving presents.

sky-and-sunMake the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life

If you are looking into making changes in your life, take a look of the Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life. There is still place in the pilot group. A good present idea for yourself or a dear person??

Thursday Morning Yoga at Inspiration Yoga from January 12th

Morning yoga class moves to Inspiration Studio in January 2017. First class there will take place after the holiday break, on January 12th. Time will change slightly, class starts at 10.30hrs and ends 12.00hrs. Looking forward to welcoming you there :).

On-line class payments from January onwards

In order to facilitate the organisation of the classes, there will be on-line reservation system from the January onwards.

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