Spring detox time

Spring detox time in the air…

It is still cold and moist, but spring is definitely just around the corner. Just see and feel the light, and hear the birds singing before the sunrise. And if you still do not believe it, do double-check your calendar…

If you dont take care of your body, who will?

Detoxing the body twice a year is practice in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is being proposed more and more also by so-called modern medicine, from doctors and nutritionists practicing integral medicine, holistic medicine and nutritional medicine, etc approaches that consider the body as one complex mechanism where the intestine is the base for the health.

Why should you detox or cleanse? Do you feel tired or stiff or crappy or do you suffer allergies? These are just a few reasons to cleanse the body. For more insight, do click here for my last blog on Spring Cleaning.  In addition, the video here below shows different intestines. NB some images are shocking.

Sunday Workshop: Yoga and Spring Detox on 12 March

Spring is the time for detox, getting rid of the old and preparing for the new  This should be done inside and outside to prepare your body and mind for the new season.

pic 022On Sunday 12 March, join us for this workshop on Yoga and Spring Detox. We’ll practice yoga to support the digestion and cleansing of the system.

You will also learn about different ways to do the cleansing in the body and intestine. A Spring detox group will start soon. If you decide to join the group, we will talk about modalities.

Read here more and register. 

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