Proudly presenting: A Friendly Approach to Our Body, Our Practice

A weekend of yoga with Sandra Sabatini and Michal Havkin, December 8th -10th, 2017

* Last Days for the Early Bird Rate (until 31/8)*

“While practising yoga do not kill the instinct of the body for the glory of the pose….. adopt a friendly approach toward it. Watch it, listen to it, observe its needs, its requests and even have fun. Play with it as children do, sometimes it becomes very alert and swift. To be sensitive is to be alive.” – Vanda Scaravelli

The weekend of yoga with Sandra Sabatini and Michal Havkin will offer us a practice that help us to be more sensitive towards our body. We will become more aware and awaken while practising. The benefits will be immense with letting go and being gentle to ourselves. The unfolding of the body will go along with the unfolding of the breath supported by slow and meditative approach.

Friday 08 December, 18h-20h30
Saturday 09 December, 9h30-12h30 &15h-18h
Sunday 10 December, 9h30-12h30


The tuition fees are 230€ for the weekend (early bird rate 210€ by 31st August)

More information:

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