Self Care – Self Love

Only way to be in good health and great shape and take care of others is to take care of oneself. So self care comes first. It is not evident today and was not evident with earlier generations either. Mothers and fathers have been sacrificing their health and life for the good of their children. Workers and employees have been asked to give their best to the company. In general, we have been conditioned to work and do things for others, for the common good. Taking care of oneself first is to been seen something selfish. Well, it is not. Learning a healthy and loving way to take care of oneself is the best thing parents can do or give to their children. Children learn to respect and take care of themselves, and that way better contribute to the common good and wellbeing of whole the world.

I have been learning and practising the art of self care since my burnout around 7 years ago. With yoga and ayurveda I got up from the deep bottom of it, learned caring and loving myself a little bit, learned ayurvedic way to cleanse the body and eat better food more suitable for my body-mind constitution. Then I started learning and practising modern nutritional science and integral medicine, and about 4 years ago I started supplementing and optimising my daily nutritional intake. That made a huge difference. I have been following the path and step by step it is leading me forward.

One of the holistic and integral physicians I follow is Dwight L. McKee, MD, board certified in medical oncology, hematology, nutrition, and integrative and holistic medicine.  According to Dr McKee the healthy diet and optimal nutritional supplements are essential for health and wellbeing, but there are many other things, he says. Exercise, stress management, sleep, mental attitude and emotions are matters we can take into our control. There are things like social and environmental exposure and biorhythms that have an effect on us too. Also physical and electric connections to our planet Earth have an effect on us. Think where you spend your time and how it makes you feel. And finally, Love. According to a study he sited, the biggest cause of death (in the US, but very likely all over the modern world), before the cardiovascular diseases and cancer etc, is loneliness. He also says that gratitude is a fundamental attitude for healing.

It does make sense. So, learning to take care of oneself is the biggest sign of self-love. And we need self-love to be able to receive love from others. And give love back to others.

Stay tuned for more and what is coming during the fall!




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