“A little bit of yoga everyday makes wonders”

I started practising yoga in the aftermaths of giving birth to our second son, in the fall of the 2007. I immediately felt home with yoga. Later I realised that there was much more into yoga than postures on the mat, and I wanted to deepen my practice. I did my YTT with the guidance of Veronica Foody (Hatha Yoga Teacher training at Yoga in the Bay, Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Training 200 hrs) and I am qualified hatha yoga teacher since 2012.

For reasons from my personal history I nowadays kind a specialise in yoga to help manage stress for working people, in offices and workplaces, and yoga for burnout recovery.  However, I am very happy to give guidance in yoga for everyone, of all ages, including prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, yoga for Moms&Babies, and for people with specific needs. I participated to Breast cancer recovery with yoga with Alexandra Rossopoulou in 2017.  I also help people make changes in their life with the Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life -coaching.

I teach mainly in and around Brussels. And summertime in Finland, my native country.

I also offer workshops on yoga, health and wellbeing (homes, working life). Having gone through a severe burnout during busy working years as a mother to 2 young boys, I did survive and in addition, with the help of nutritional science, came into better health than ever before. I am passionate about health&nutrition and have studied and experimented it extensively.

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