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Spring detox time

Spring detox time in the air… It is still cold and moist, but spring is definitely just around the corner. Just see and feel the light, and hear the birds singing before the sunrise. And if you still do not … Continue reading

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Spring is here, time for cleaning in and out

Spring has finally arrived to Brussels, bringing with it a perfect time for a little housecleaning. Most of us go through the winter months in storage mode, hiding out, staying warm, and eating. That is perfectly OK and normal. After all, we … Continue reading

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Time to clean up the house, time to do the fall detox

Consider your body as a house. The house your self is living in. As any house, this one needs regular cleaning and fixing to stay well and functional. Couple of times a year a thorough, all-covering cleansing is needed, and … Continue reading

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Change of seasons is time for detox

Fall is a time of transition and optimal time for detox. A detox will reset the body and mind to better cope with the windy and cold winter. I did my first detox (only) 4 years ago, and was amazed about the … Continue reading

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