Wellbeing is a nice word, a little bit abstract, that most of us relate to something positive and good and worth having and striving for. But what is wellbeing exactly? Is there one single truth that relates to all human beings?

According to wikipedia wellbeing is the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.  Synonyms include welfare, health, good health, happiness, comfort, security, safety protection, prosperity, profit, good, success, fortune, good fortune, advantage, interest, prosperousness, successfulness.

Wellbeing relates to people and is a mixture of many things coming together at the same time. In general, being healthy and happy, living comfortably in prosperity and being successful is a good goal for all of us.

What does wellbeing mean to you? Contact me and let me help you find that out. I have created a personal development tool “Make the Rest of  Your Life the Best of  Your Life” for that purpose.


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