What is Yoga to me?

bDSC00592I came into yoga in the end of the 2007. After my first class I knew that practice was more to me than just a hobby. I felt like I was kind a home, on the way to somewhere, maybe to find something lost in me. It took some years, however, before I reached the state of my own mind that I was able to call that thing spirituality.

Yoga for me is my way of life, my being, the way of expression, the way to express myself and above all, my spirit. I would not be the way I am without the yoga.

bDSC00590Of course, yoga for me is also the practice to keep fit and stay healthy, but also constant learning, a way of thinking, believing, seeing the others and the world, breathing, being a better person, gathering strength, finding the inner energy and peace, learning patience and love, and never giving up.

Yoga has opened a new more beautiful world to me, and introduced me to many new people and new friends too.

Now, I do have to add here that my hub told me already years ago that I should start practicing yoga, but at time, in the end of 1990s’, I was too busy working and building a career, so I told him I did not have time to concentrate on that. It was not yet my time.

Wisdom says that “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. I am grateful to all my teachers. And it is never too late to begin new things.


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